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Armyn Carabet

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About Armyn

Armyn Carabet is dedicated to his wife of seventeen years and two children aged fifteen and twelve. As the CEO and Co-founder of ClickN KIDS, Armyn has dedicated his life to helping children around the world learn a variety of subjects. One of Armyn’s key motivations for helping children is his own family. Armyn understands firsthand the important role that education plays in a child’s life, so he is happy to be involved in an organization that helps children with their education needs.

Over the years Armyn Carabet and his family have been fortunate enough to travel to many locations throughout the globe. Armyn enjoys traveling with his family because it helps expose his children to different cultures. It also teaches them not to be intimidated by new experiences. Another activity that Armyn and his family enjoy is boating. Being out on the water with friends and family members is a fun way to spend time—especially during the summer months.

Both of Armyn Carabet’s children are involved in extracurricular activities. For years Armyn’s daughter has focused on dancing, specifically ballet. Meanwhile, Armyn’s son practices karate. Armyn and his wife want to be the best parents that they can. Therefore, they made sure to expose their children to lots of different activities to see which ones resonated the most with their children. Extracurricular activities help teach children responsibility and teamwork—two skills that will benefit them for their entire lives. Communication is another aspect of good parenting. Armyn says, “It’s important that children see their parents agree when discussing something important, so my wife and I make sure we talk about important issues in private before speaking to our children.” Being involved and having open communication with your children helps you recognize troubles that your children might face. Plus, it helps children feel like their parents have their backs when they need it the most.

Professional Overview

Armyn Carabet and his team at ClickN KIDS are pioneers of the world of educational software. The success of their software has attracted high profile partners including Wal-Mart and Warner Brothers. Armyn knew that his company was on the right path when it received its first testimonial from a mother whose son struggled with reading. She used an early version of ClickN KIDS’ product, and her son’s reading quickly improved. Armyn is proud to be involved in a business that is not only successful but that also helps others at the same time.

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